Web content can be any textual or visual content that a user experiences while visiting your website.

That can mean text, images, sounds, videos, animations & more.

The benefit of web content is traffic generation to your website. The more engaging and appealing your content is, the more visitors you’ll attract – ultimately increasing your chances of a conversion online.

Increasing traffic with content on your website

The best kind of content you can use on your website are blogs. You might be thinking that blogs aren’t for you because you’re not a writer or creative or under the age of 25. Well, just because you’re not a writer does not mean that you can’t share your knowledge and wisdom! It doesn’t have to be the length of an essay or novel, it can just be a few hundred words.

If you’re wondering where to start then here’s a tip: choose a topic relating to your industry, one that you know inside out and that your other half has probably listened to you drone on about a thousand times over dinner. Then, write down 10-15 detailed bullet points (try to give them a beginning/middle/end structure). Now put the kettle on. Sit back down with your brew and have a look online for around 2-4 statistics relating to your topic – ones that you understand and feel comfortable commenting on – and stick them in your blog.

For example, if you’re a Physiotherapist and you own a clinic, you’re going to want to post content that is relevant to the people who like your page but at the same time you don’t want to overdo it, they don’t want their news feed to be clogged up with just things to related to physiotherapy.

Increasing traffic with content on your social media

Social Media is so beneficial, especially when it comes to generating traffic to your website. Think about any content you read online – how did you get there? Were you just browsing on Facebook or Twitter and saw a headline then clicked through to the website? You aren’t the only one.

That’s what makes Social Media so vital. However, have a think about why the headlines make you click them? Was it the headline? The visuals? It was probably both.

Always try to make your posts visual, they’ll perform 100% better!

Here are some guidelines of what your social media activity should cover every few days to a week:

• 1-2 relevant posts
• Find and like 5 new pages
• Check Facebook “Pages To Watch”
• Comment on 3 community posts
• Keep caption to 50-100 characters
• Monitor Industry Facebook Groups

• 1-5 relevant tweets
• Find and follow 5 new accounts
• Retweet 3 new pieces of content
• Experiment with 1 trending hashtag
• Mention users in your tweets

TOP TIP: Posts that include a video lead to 14% more engagement.