I’ve spoken to a lot of people who have old-fashioned websites and poor design, and when I tell them I’m a Web Designer they often ask me whether design really matters.

When I tell them that the answer is ‘yes’, they just assume that I’m biased, and then go on to say something along the lines of ‘I created my website myself and all of my patients say that it has everything they need on it. Why would I change it?’

A lot of the time I don’t get chance to counter their argument, however when I do, this is what I say:

It’s all very well that patients who already know how good your services are find your site satisfactory, and of course if someone is visiting your website via a recommendation then you’ll also get away with shoddy design.

However, if this is all you care about then why invest in a website in the first place? It’s okay for websites to be a useful tool for already established patients/customers; it’s part of their purpose, but it shouldn’t start and end there.

More and more people look to the Internet to find anything these days, and it has been statistically proven that design is often the deciding factor between two websites that offer exactly the same services.

This is because your website is a visual representation of your business. In many instances, it will be the first impression you make on a potential customer/client. So whether or not your website has all of the relevant information on it, if that information isn’t delivered in the right way then you are definitely losing out on business.

You can have the most useful, well-written content in the world, but if you can’t deliver that content in a professional way, people WILL run in the opposite direction, and go with someone who can.

We’d all like to think that how something looks shouldn’t matter but the truth is, especially in this digital age, that it really does matter. Attention spans are shorter, so you need to be able to create quality content that grabs attention long enough for the actual content to be read and appreciated – and this is all assuming your website even gets found online.

You see, search engines (especially Google) prefer well developed and designed websites. They like images and videos and well-written copy. They like it when everything is properly linked.

And what does Google do with these websites? It gives them higher ranking in the search results. It makes those websites the first ones people see.

So if you have a one-page website that has only one image and a few paragraphs of text, it’s very unlikely that anyone is ever going to find it.