Mobile Clinic Solutions is an affordable service that helps to improve patient engagement and allows your practice to become more visible online. We offer three main components that will enhance your affinity with your patients and your ability to reach potential future ones. They are; access to an online directory, an app and a website.

Founded by Francis Connor, a registered Osteopath and Physiotherapist, MCS is committed to helping health practices become more inclusive and accessible. Using our services, you can solidify your patient-provider relationship and improve the quality of the healthcare experience.

With a combination of knowledge and expertise on design and marketing, we are able to offer you a service that is well strategised and tailored to you.

No matter what it is you’re looking for, whether your aim is to increase traffic to your online mediums, secure more patients and online bookings or just promote your services in general, we can help you with that at an affordable price.

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Owner and manager of Mobile Clinics Solutions, as well as implementing strategies for mobile. Is also a registered Osteopath and chartered Physiotherapist.

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Our mobile and media strategist working to bring your online presence into the mobile world with design and function.

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